Our Philosophy

Space of Her Own embraces the concept that strong, positive, one-on-one relationships with understanding adults serve as the foundation for social and emotional growth in children. It is our belief that every child benefits from having a mentor in his or her life, and that a caring adult can help nurture and guide the child along the path to adulthood. For this reason, each mentor is matched with an individual girl in each of our programs.

Space of Her Own deems art to be an endeavor in which all can succeed and we hold it in high regard as a tool for self-expression. Art is the medium through which mentors and girls can initiate conversations, share stories, and bond with others. Every SOHO meeting is structured around an art, carpentry or interior design project that supports the development of a lifelong relationship. 

Space of Her Own trusts that access to information about drugs and alcohol, pregnancy prevention, and health and nutrition helps girls to make the right choices for themselves. Through honest and open conversation about important topics, girls are given the opportunity to ask questions and make better life choices.

We are confident that all of the girls in our program have the potential to grow into the next generation of leading women. We present them with opportunities to hone skills that are imperative for leadership, including positive communication, assertiveness, financial management, active listening and questioning, and goal-setting.

We will use these beliefs as our guide to continue fulfilling our mission.


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