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Space of Her Own is gearing up for Spring2ActionWednesday, April 5, 2017 – Alexandria’s Giving Day!

SOHO will be participating in the online campaign for the 6th year in a row, and we’ve set our biggest goal yet:

The Mason Hirst Foundation has generously offered to match donations if SOHO raises $12,000 during Spring2Action!

We can use all the support we can get! We’re hoping that all members of our SOHO family will join in to help us achieve our goal.

Here are some resources to help you spread the word.


Our main fundraising Page:

Our main razoo page: https://www.razoo.com/us/story/Sohospaceofherown
Our bitly (short link): http://bit.ly/SOHOs2a


**calling all mentors**

Each Alexandria Space of Her Own and Space of His Own program will have its own free-agent fundraising page.

We are hoping that mentors will fundraise to get their friends, family and/or employer to match dollars for volunteer hours. Did you know that the average mentors volunteers at least 200 hours during the initial SOHO year?! Money raised will go towards this spring’s room makeovers. If you raise over $200, you will be entered in a drawing to win a special prize for you and your mentee.

We ask that each mentor try to raise $200. All money donated through these pages will count towards SOHO’s overall goal of $12,000.

SOHO Girls Del Ray/Old Town: https://spring2action.razoo.com/story/Sohodelray
bitly (short link): bit.ly/SOHODelRayS2A

SOHO Girls West End: https://spring2action.razoo.com/story/Sohowestend
bitly (short link): bit.ly/SOHOWestEndS2A

SOHO Boys: https://spring2action.razoo.com/story/Sohoboys
bitly (short link): bit.ly/SOHOboysS2a

*Remember: donations can be pre-scheduled for April the 5th, so donations can be made starting today!



Social Media:

We hope that you’ll share one or more of the following, between now and Spring2Action Day – April the 5th!

Sample messages that you can use with the images below:

  • For the past [months/years] I have been a mentor for the SOHO [insert insert name of your SOHO program, Old Town/Del Ray, West End, Boys] program. [insert personal sentence about Mentee]. We are trying to rally funds through the April 5 Spring2Action – a 24-hour online fundraising event that offers local nonprofits the chance to raise thousands of dollars for the benefit of Alexandria. So far I’ve donated at least [XXX – mentors donate at least 200 hours during the SOHO year] hours of volunteer time and I’m hoping you’ll help me match it dollar for hour. The [insert name of your SOHO program, Old Towne, Del Ray, Boys] program has a goal of $2000 – Will you help us meet our goal? http://bit.ly/SOHOs2a or SOHO Free Agent Fundraising Page on Razoo #SOHOSpring2Action
  • Your donation has SUPER powers! Help SOHO reach our $12,000 goal between now and April 5,  and your donation will be generously MATCHED by The Mason Hirst Foundation! http://bit.ly/SOHOs2a or SOHO Free Agent Fundraising Page on Razoo #SOHOSpring2Action
  • How do you double $12,000 overnight? By donating to @spaceofherown for Spring2Action on or before April 5 http://bit.ly/SOHOs2a or SOHO Free Agent Fundraising Page on Razoo   #SOHOSpring2Action
  • Today is the day! My goal is to raise XXX  by April 5 for @spaceofherown! http://bit.ly/SOHOs2a or SOHO Free Agent Fundraising Page on Razoo #SOHOSpring2Action
  • Give where we live! Donate @  http://bit.ly/SOHOs2a or SOHO Free Agent Fundraising Page on Razoo & help me support @spaceofherown #SOHOSpring2ACTion
  • Join me on or before April 5 for #Spring2ACTion, Alexandria’s community-wide day of giving, as I raise $ for @spaceofherown http://bit.ly/SOHOs2a or SOHO Free Agent Fundraising Page on Razoo\ #SOHOSpring2Action


Sample email message:

(note: Please do not use the last names of your mentees or any personal/private information about them or their families.)

Dear Friends & Family,

Did you know that youth who have been mentored express the desire to pay it forward and become mentor when they grow up?*

I’ve been mentoring with the Space of [Her/His] Own program for [months/years] now, and I know firsthand the joy and inspiration a child can gain from the encouragement of an invested adult. My mentee has been an inspiration to me: [give example of how mentee is inspiration].

[insert photo of you and your mentee]

I am campaigning with the rest of the SOHO mentors to rally funds through Spring2Action – a 24 hour online fundraising event that offer local nonprofits the chance to raise thousands of dollars to benefit Alexandria. This year, the Mason Hirst Foundation has offered to match the money we raise with a $12,000 cash match.

Most SOHO youth live in overcrowded, under-furnished homes, store their clothes in trash bags or plastic bins, and sleep on old worn and stained mattresses. Some share a room with multiple family members; others sleep on a couch in the living room. I have the personal goal of raising $200, that’s a dollar for every hour I volunteer throughout the SOHO school year. Your donation will go towards the cost of [insert Mentee’s name] room makeover – Will you help me meet my goal?

The deadline is April 5, 2017 – Please visit [SOHO Free Agent Fundraising Page on Razoo] to schedule your Spring2Action donation today. Make sure to include my name when making your donation.


[Your name]

* Bridgeland, John and Mary Bruce. “The Mentoring Effect: Young People’s Perspectives on the Outcomes and Availability of Mentoring.” A Report for MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership, January 2014. P. 6


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