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Whether or not we are making headlines, we impact the lives of young girls and women every day. Keep in touch and stay up to date on what is happening at SOHO.

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current sponsors

We greatly appreciate all our past and current Space of Her Own sponsors. Big thanks to our current sponsors:

SOHO also appreciates the support of many individuals, including Friends and Family of Kathleen Bishop, Mary Clare Gubbins, Cynthia Harper, Janet Humphrey, Erin Hutchinson, Susie Komornik, Nia Lindsey, Matthew Lorah, Cindy Mohn, Karen Mount, Jodie Peters, William and Kathy Rinn, Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Swallow and family, Mr. and Mrs. G.E. Van Hook and family.

Click here to learn more about The Art League and contributors to Old Town SOHO.

sponsorship opportunities

Every sponsorship, big or small, is greatly appreciated at Space of Her Own! Below are some sponsorship ideas and how they will help the girls in the program.

  • $1000 will sponsor one girl to participate in the SOHO program, including meals, art supplies, special events and room renovations
  • $300 will fund one room renovation
  • $250 pays for one new mattress and box spring
  • $200 funds one healthy SOHO meal for up to 25 girls and volunteers
  • $150 pays for one major art project for 12 girls
  • $100 funds paints, brushes and journals for 1 SOHO season
  • $50 funds healthy afterschool snacks for 1 SOHO season
  • $30 pays for a mentor/mentee outing
  • $20 funds paint brushes, rollers and drop cloth for a room renovation

Any and all contributions are welcome!

items needed

At Space of Her Own, we do many creative projects with the girls. There are many material donations that will help a young girl decorate her bedroom! The following new and slightly-used items are needed.

What we need:

  • Small desks and chairs that can be refinished
  • Bunk beds
  • Twin bed frames
  • Round mirrors that can be decorated
  • New twin sheet sets in traditionally feminine colors
  • New pillows
  • Lamps with plain, flat shades that can be decorated
  • White / eggshell wall paint
  • Small dressers and night stands that can be refinished
  • New twin mattresses and box springs
  • New paint brushes, rollers and drop cloths
  • Plain curtains and window blinds