Our Mission

we strive to inspire

Our mission is to provide girls in need with social, emotional, academic and creative enrichment through mentorship and arts instruction. We aim to reach underprivileged girls in local communities and prevent juvenile criminal involvement. We strive to inspire young girls to create a better future for themselves by designing a space of her own.

How SOHO Helps

Hear from Space of Her Own founder Linda Odell about how SOHO helps girls become women and what it means to be a SOHO butterfly.

we envision a strong sisterhood

To reach girls in need in communities nationwide and prevent juvenile criminal involvement

To have a lasting impact by fostering one-to-one mentor and peer group relationships beyond the one-year program

To engage all participating youth through art instruction and empower them to see the visual arts as an endeavor at which all can succeed and which can serve as an outlet for self-expression and creativity

To develop life skills in the areas of healthy eating, social skills, anger management, conflict resolution, etiquette and community service

To provide every participant with a personalized space of her own that encourages creativity, conveys a sense of value and worth, and gives a lasting reminder of her circle of support and care.